New drink & drops with major brand potential

MOPP´s - an exquisite experience in taste

The secret of MOPP´s lies hidden within its extraordinary ingredients. Twenty-two natural fruit extracts and aromatic herbal essences in all. They make up this unrivalled fresh & fruity experience in taste. Artificial colouring and fragrances are never in use!

MOPP´s Drink - a new taste with a legend

We have descendants of the family Raffin, originally Hugenots who settled in Frankfurt am Main during the 17th century. They remembered the great wealth of aromatic recipies derived from their ancestors in southern France. This led to a new discovery: fruits and herbs rich in fragrance for the Hessian regional drink "Äbbelwoi" (applewine). For even our X generation descendants found this particular kind of cider in its crude state far too dry, even sour for their personal liking. Finally concluding: it must be refined, but with natural ingredients only. As truly pioneering result comes the creation of MOPP´s the drink.. A brand new, extraordinary beverage - refreshing, aromatic, fragrant ...and mmmh, exceptionally tasty!

MOPP's Drops - original bonbons

And because of the irresistibillty of this rich, fruity & spicy taste, the decision was made to place it also inside MOPP`s Drops. A new kind of delicious, softly melting bonbons - as aromatic as its twin ...and oh, ever so tasty!