the new in-scene drink with cult-brand potential

MOPP´s - a refined experience of taste

MOPP´s a new drink with solely natural ingredients. It excites with a highly tempting, completely new trend in taste. Pure seduction! Based on local style of applewine / cider, it does not even remotely resemble the same in flavour ... Note: applewine possesses 5% alcohol per volume unit.

New target groups, new markets, new approach in advertising

Trial tastings proved without doubt, our MOPP´s formula succeeds in reaching set targets at the heart of young gastronomy. The major group which in general does not drink applewine. Among them a large number of female consumers, but of all ages and walks of life. Fact! International channels of sale are in the sighting, so is the distribution on a national/ local scale. Advertisements for MOPP´s Drink will not place applewine centre-stage, as foundation of this truly special beverage: chief target groups will be found within new markets. There will be no limiting of the product at all, on the minor area of sale for traditional applewine (Äbbelwoi, Fietz etc.)

Singular, unmistakeble taste

MOPP´s tastes different from all other drinks. With its refined ingredients and recipe, it simply cannot be compared to any other drinks existing on the market at present. It does fundamentally differ from all applewine-fruit juice mixes available, including other variations on sale.

Organic ('BIO Natur pur') and non-alcoholic varieties possible

When using BIO-Natur basic raw materials (BIO-Natur sweeteners, i. e. BIO-Natur fruit concentrates), certification with the official organic seal (BIO-Siegel) could be secured. For both MOPP´s Drink, as well as MOPP´s Drops. MOPP´s Drink can also be produced free of alcohol.